Amazon: Possible PS4 Preorder Delays

Amazon backorderFor those of us which were able to secure a Watchdogs Playstation 4 Launch Bundle preorder (which for me was back in June 19th of this year), we were, I am sure, all quite disappointed when the news broke that the Watchdogs game would be delayed until further notice across all platforms including the PS4, which obviously left any associated bundles in a precarious state to say the least.

Though this delay was through no fault of Amazon, they were quick to action by (in my case) altering my original preorder to simply a Launch Edition preorder that excludes the delayed game. The delivery estimate was set as November 15 and remains so to this day (11/13/2013), but here is the dilemma. In addition to this Launch Edition preorder, my Battlefield 4 Playstation Bundle was also estimated to arrive on the 15th and as of this moment is preparing to be shipped: my Launch Edition Playstation displayed no such notification.

Well as the launch day is rapidly approaching, naturally, I was a bit concerned and upon contacting Amazon, they promptly responded as follows:


Thanks for writing to us at I understand your concern.

A quantity limit is the maximum number of any item that can be purchased. These limits can’t be increased.

Items with quantity restrictions have very low prices and/or a limited supply, and we want to ensure that many customers are able to order them. As our prices and product supply change, these limits may change too.

For item(PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle):

I checked your order and see we’re preparing your order for shipment now, and still expect to ship it in time for delivery by the date listed in Your Account: November 15, 2013.

We’ll send you an e-mail when your order ships. You can follow the order’s progress in Your Account

For item (PlayStation 4: Launch Edition):I’ve checked your order and found that PlayStation 4: Launch Edition is back-ordered.Unexpected fluctuations in supply can add time to our original availability estimate. We have learned that PlayStation 4: Launch Edition is now back- ordered, and our supplier has not been able to let us know exactly when they expect to have more in stock.I want to make sure your order gets to you faster once we have stock. To help make up for the delay, I’ve upgraded the shipping method to One-Day Shipping at no charge.

Although the shipping method is faster, it’ll still take some time to get the item. As soon as we receive more stock, we’ll ship your order and send you an e-mail to let you know.

Also, I’ve waived the full shipping charges for this package.

I know that this upgrading will in no way compensate for the inconvenience caused, please understand that we do care for our customers and do all we can to avail this item for you, in spite of all the efforts our reliance on suppliers and manufacturers for information about their stock, has caused this disappointment.

We are working hard to obtain this item for you and we will ship it as soon as we are able to obtain it. This means that we will ship the item as soon as we receive it from our suppliers even if the estimated ship date has still not arrived.

You won’t be charged until we ship it to you. On the date of shipment, we’ll send you e-mail confirming the date, contents, and method of your shipment.

Your item may be available via an Amazon Marketplace seller (you’ll be able to see if this is the case by conducting a normal product search on If one of our partner sellers has the item, feel free to cancel your outstanding order and place a new one with Marketplace merchant.

If you’d rather cancel this item, I understand. To cancel the item, go to the URL below and click the “Need to cancel an item?” button:


One of our aims at is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we haven’t met that standard. I’m truly sorry, and I hope you’ll give us another chance in the future.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,
Pradeep R.

I urge anyone who had their Watchdogs preorder delayed or altered to contact Amazon support (here: and verify whether or not the deliver estimate continues to be accurate. To the credit of Amazon’s customer service representatives, they have been quite accommodating, but needless to say… I have had my heart set on this impending launch for some time and although the previous dilemma due to the Watchdogs delay was quickly abated, again to Amazon’s credit, I am again left in a position of uncertainty, as well might be many others.

I do wonder why, if the original preorder which included the Watchdogs game (again, which was ordered in June), the consoles dedicated to THAT bundle could not simply take their place as the independent Playstation Launch Bundle that Amazon downgraded my order to in response to the delay? Where did those consoles go to? Surely as this was months and months ago they could have been “redirected” to the appropriate reservation-holder?

Now don’t everyone go cancelling your preorders! I am still in communication with customer service and the rep seems intent that the console WILL in fact arrive as scheduled on the 15th, I will update as information becomes available.


“Tahaj-wayne: Sorry for the long respond. I’m having some system upgrades.
The PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle is in the shipping soon process while the

PlayStation 4: Launch Edition will enter the shipping soon process within 24 hours”

That’s all for now, good luck to everyone,

Omar W. Khan


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